UHT Whole Milk                                           

Alpro UHT Soya/Oat Milk                            

Single Cream                                   

Double Cream                                             

Mature English Cheddar                                                    


President Brie          

A Selection of Local Cheeses                              

Smoked Cheese                                         

Dairylea Cheese Spread                           

Philadelphia Light                                       

Laughing Cow Cheese Spread               

Mini Babybel                                                 

A range of Spreads and Butters                                                   

Free Range Eggs                                        

Natural Yoghurt                                                                                            

A Range of Fruit Yoghurts  

Our supply of free range hen eggs is complimented by eggs from our own aviary - delicious and fresh!

Among the old favourites, we present a range of interesting local cheeses.

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